Review of the album “Nightmares” (EP) by Omen

Review of the album “Battle Cry” by Omen

Label: Metal Blade Records
Year Released: 1984
Length: 36:34
Tracks: 10
Genre: Heavy Metal

Track Listing:

1. Death Rider
2. The Axeman
3. Last Rites
4. Dragon’s Breath
5. Be My Wench
6. Battle Cry
7. Die By The Blade
8. Prince Of Darkness
9. Bring Out The Beast
10. In The Arena

“Battle Cry” was Omen’s debut album, released shortly after they formed in 1983. It was raw and heavy and still considered the band’s best album. It seemed to be a tendency of 80′s metal bands to release really good, heavy albums as their debuts, before toning things Read the rest of this entry »

Review of the album “Hammer Damage” by Omen

Review of the album “Hammer Damage” by Omen

New Album By ’80s Metal Legends
Omen is a heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. The group formed in 1983 by core member Kenny Powell. Despite numerous lineup changes, Omen has led a prolific and successful music career. Most recently, the band released their seventh full-length studio album entitled “Hammer Damage”. DSN Music plans to release the album. The current Omen lineup consists of Kenny Powell, Andy Haas, Steve Wittig and Matt Story. “Hammer Damage” Read the rest of this entry »

Review of the album “Eternal Black Dawn” by Omen

Omen’s first and last album since 1997, Eternal Black Dawn brings back the fire and fury that originally put them on the map as an ’80s metal band. From the pounding rhythm of “1000 Year Reign” to the eerily haunting finish of “Specter Of Battles Past,” it’s an album that’s sure to delight both old fans and newcomers just discovering what headbanging really means.

It’s fitting, in a way, that Eternal Black Dawn is a return to classic Omen, because it was the first album they released Read the rest of this entry »

The Difference Between Metal and “Metal”

I spend a lot of time talking about the metal band Omen, but a question came to mind as I was sifting through my inbox. It seemed like a lot of people had a very different view of metal from what I had known it to be and it seemed like what some people thought they were hearing might have, in fact, been something a little different – something filtered, perhaps. Like maybe what some of these people thought was “metal” was actually watered down versions they found on their “Metal” music channels. I don’t get my television through so I wouldn’t know anything about those music channels, but I think some distinctions need to be made.

First, I need to preface this by saying that the music industry is really one with a squeaky clean aesthetic. Music is marketed and packed into shiny little pieces of candy and, sometimes, this leads to the filtering and outright castration of genres which were originally defined by nothing more than hot, raw passion. I’m, of course, referring to rock and hip-hop and, especially, metal. The difference to remember is that real metal, true metal, comes from a dark place in the human soul. It is a very real feeling, a burning pride and not something gussied up or made to look pretty. You won’t find much real metal on television, unfortunately. You just have to get out there and search for yourself.

Review of the album “Reopening the Gates” by Omen

“Reopening the Gates” is the seventh album from the iconic heavy metal band Omen. On Metal Blade Records they had one of the more successful careers for an independent heavy metal band in the 1980s, this being the days before indie had become a household term for the terminally cool and underground rock scenes.

Omen had broken up as a band after six Metal Blade releases, but in 1997 the band was reformed under the original founder and guitarist Kenny Powell. He took the name Omen for his own reincarnation Read the rest of this entry »

Review of the album “Escape to Nowhere” by Omen

The Omen album, “Escape to Nowhere” debuted in 1988 and was the first Omen album featuring Coburn Pharr on lead vocals. There are nine tracks on this album, totaling 39 minutes of classic heavy metal. The, “Escape to Nowhere” album is rather slow paced in comparison with Omen’s previous albums, but still has that aggressive overtone that has come to define Omen. Many long time Omen fans list the, “Escape to Nowhere” album last on their list of Omen albums, but it could just be because of the change in lead vocalists. This album still has the Omen-type lyrics that Read the rest of this entry »

Review of the album “The Curse” by Omen

This is a review of the album “The Curse” by Omen. The album is actually very good and almost every single song on the album is heavy. The album is filled with many great songs that have great beats. The vocals on every single song are so good but the bass guitar on each song is what makes this album a must buy. The album is also great because all of the songs are pretty long.

All of the songs are very good but Read the rest of this entry »

Review of the album “Warning of Danger” by Omen

“Warning of Danger” is the second album released by the heavy metal band Omen. It was published on Metal Blade Records in 1985 which was a great label for any band in the heavy metal genre at the time.

Omen did not have the opportunities that fell into the laps of some heavy metal contemporaries, they did not make it very big despite the talent this and other albums clearly show. Even so Omen has over time developed a loyal and real cult following that is growing to this day.

The song writing on “Warning Read the rest of this entry »